At Rossett all students will follow a planned Careers Education Information and Guidance programme, which will help them to make these important decisions.

To view the outline of the CEIAG programme delivered to students in years 7-13 click here.

In addition to the planned CEIAG programme, students can access the careers area of the Resource Centre during break and at lunchtimes.

Appointments to see our independent Careers Adviser each week can be made through Mrs Wignall (General Office).

What help is available to students?

How can students get help?

Speak to Mrs Wignall in the student reception office who will arrange an appointment for you with our independent Careers Adviser.

To access careers information, advice and guidance at other times you can visit websites such as:








And – the website that links you with careers, learning and work.

The National Careers Service also has a phone advice line 0800100900 which is open 8am to 10pm. Plus the facility to gain advice via Email, Forums or Webchat.

How can parents support their children?

Access unbiased information from the websites detailed above. This information is up to date and covers all of the options available.

Discuss careers issues with the school careers advisor at parents’ evenings, options evening and be involved in the guidance process.

You have the option to attend student careers guidance meetings with your child. Speak to Mrs Wignall in student reception who manages the organisation of appointments with our independent Careers Adviser.