Academy Documentation

Academy Documentation

Rossett School converted to academy status on 1 July 2011.

As an academy, we have a responsibility to make the best use of public resources and to deliver the best education for all our students within the funding made available to us. Please click the link for the following documents;

All academies are required to prepare annual accounts for each academic year ending 31 August and to have these accounts independently audited and published.

Our annual financial statements comprise

Annual Report and Financial Statement 31/8/2017

Annual Report and Financial Statement 31/8/2016

Annual Report and Financial Statement 31/8/2015

Annual Report and Financial Statement 31/8/2014 

The annual Value For Money (VFM) statement was previously a separate document from the financial statements. It helps demonstrate to parents and the public that our use of public assets and funds has provided good value for money during the year. Our objective is to maximise the impact of the monies provided through efficient and effective use of our resources. From 2015 onwards the VFM has been consolidated into the Annual Report and Financial Statement.

Rossett School VFM Statement – period ended 31/8/2014 – click here

These documents allow parents the opportunity to increase their understanding of the school’s activities and continuing progress.

Please click here for details of the Full Governing Body.