Computer Network AUP

Computer Network AUP

Computer Network & Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Policy




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Can I bring my mobile to school?
Yes, it can be used in lessons as a learning tool but only when you have been told by your teacher to do so. You may NOT use your phone around school, if we see or hear your mobile it will be confiscated and returned to you after 5 days. Your parents / guardians can come to school to collect it before then. Most importantly, it is your responsibility to look after your mobile, and it must be kept switched off and out of sight in your bag unless you are told otherwise in a lesson by a member of staff.

Students are allocated printer credits. Extra credits can be allocated at the discretion of the school.

Students are allocated printer credits. Extra credits can be allocated at the discretion of the school.

The school computer network includes Desktop,/ Laptop / Notebook and MiniBook computers & iPads, an e-mail system and internet connection; they are provided as a resource for education.

Other electronic teaching resources such as DVD, Video cassette players, & TVs may also be provided.

All network and internet activity is monitored and logged. We may use this as evidence in disciplinary proceedings to prove inappropriate use of the network and\or school resources.

Internet access within school is filtered, we can block sites that are inappropriate or may interfere with the smooth operation of the network. Every effort is made to ensure a safe environment for our students; however it is not possible to filter every web site that may be inappropriate.

We believe that the benefits to pupils in the form of information resources and opportunities for collaboration exceed the disadvantages; however we regard the use of ICT equipment as a privilege which will be removed if a student is found to have acted inappropriately.

The following sanctions can be applied:

1. Physical damage to equipment – Parents will be asked to reimburse the school.

2. Abuse of email system, including sending of abusive or threatening messages – Removal of email access for half a term (6 weeks). School will encourage the family of the victim/s to involve the police, who take cyber bullying very seriously indeed. They will prosecute.

Repeat offences – May lead to permanent removal of network access

3. Abuse of internet, including accessing or attempting to access inappropriate material – Removal of internet access for half a term (6 weeks).

Repeat offences – Permanent removal of privilege

Serious abuse of the rules around Network use may also result in further punishment under the school Code of Discipline. The school reserves the right to vary the particular sanction if access to the system is required for study.

Students are required to sign a copy of this policy before they are allowed access to the network. A printable copy can be accessed here.