Food Plan

Food Plan

Raising Attainment

Eating a healthy meal improves behaviour, concentration and the ability to achieve, which is why it is especially important that children eat a healthy meal at school.

Our Catering Vision

Our School Food Plan

This plan has been written to provide a framework for Rossett School to develop and maintain a shared philosophy on all aspects of food and drink within the school. Its key aim is to establish and extend healthy eating and drinking behaviours in school that will benefit all involved with school life.

This will include students, staff, parents, the catering team and others within the wider community.


To ensure that all members of the school are aware of what constitutes a ‘healthy, balanced diet’ and how this influences a student’s ability to learn and attain high standards of achievement and behaviour in school.


Our Food Environment

The dining area is the designated area for food. The environment is attractive, bright, spacious and clean. The school will aim to ensure this is a calm, ordered environment conducive to mutual respect and good behaviour at all times.

We will:

Externally provided take-away food must not be consumed on the school site

Soft drinks will not be served on the school site unless they conform to school food guidelines.

Eating Times

Students will be allowed access to the dining room areas during the following times:

8.00 am – 8.30 am – Breakfast

11.10 am – 11.25 am – Mid-morning break

12.25-13.05 and  13.25pm – 14.05 pm – split lunch sessions

15.10 – 15.30 – After School Grab and Go

Sixth Form students have a designated area where snacks and drinks will be available all day

Meals Available



Mid-morning break


We aim to follow the latest school food standards:

We will use only free range eggs, while our meat is farm assured (meaning it is sourced from farms with high standards of animal welfare) and fish responsibly caught from sustainable sources.

Packed Lunches

We are aware that many lunch boxes contain foods that do not fulfil dietary guidelines. We shall encourage parents to provide healthy lunches by use of our website, newsletters and information through the curriculum.

After School Grab and Go

For convenience and security the school provides students the possibility of purchasing food after school which includes a limited amount of confectionery items alongside healthy choices. Parents can request the school not to extend this facility to their child by contacting the Finance Office.

Food in the Curriculum

Food represents many things – health, energy, livelihood, communal activity, pleasure, religious observance and traditions. Its significance means its importance can be developed in the curriculum.

Schemes of work from various curriculum areas will enrich students’ understanding of the importance of healthy eating and reflect the school’s emphasis on and belief in healthy eating. Curriculum content will cover:


of others and the role food plays


The School Plan will be disseminated as appropriate in the following ways:

Monitoring and Evaluation

This Plan will be reviewed on an annual basis with the Student Council.

Approved by Governors:  April 2015

Reviewed: October  2017

Next Review: October  2018