Marking is an important part of the learning culture at Rossett School. We need to give students effective feedback that will motivate and show students how to progress. The diagram below summarises the three main feedback strategies that will form Rossett’s Marking Policy.


Detailed Written Marking and DIRT


Please note:

Peer and Self Assessment



Marking & Literacy

Mark Means….
Sp + underline Try this spelling again. Refer to your spelling rules.
P Look for punctuation errors and correct them e.g. Full stops (.) apostrophes (’) exclamation marks (!)
G Grammatical error e.g. an incomplete sentence.
WW Wrong word e.g.being/been or their/there/they’re.Try and find and correct it.
C Find the missing or misplaced capital letters and correct them.
// New paragraph; mark in where the paragraphs should be.

Tracking and Monitoring