Setting to raise attainment

We use our setting policy to raise the attainment of all students. We organise our teaching groups in such a way as to group students of broadly similar abilities wherever possible. These groupings are made on the basis of the best information available at the time.

Setting does not reduce the need for specific classroom organisation, differentiated work and teacher input but should reduce the spread of abilities within each group and enable more focused teaching and learning to take place.

A positive learning environment

Each individual faculty develops their own structure and procedures for setting within the whole school framework to ensure a positive learning environment is created for all students whatever their ability.

Getting it right from the start

Our setting in Year 7 is very important (it takes place in English, Maths and Science). The first experience of secondary school has a significant influence on attitudes to school and how students learn. The data from primary schools is central to help us get it right. We do not set until around October half term as we can then use our own data to assist us. We have the data from Key Stage 2 SATs, profiles of learning from Key Stage 2 teachers, reading age tests (completed at Rossett),
MidYIS tests (completed at Rossett), subject tests (Maths, English Science – all completed at Rossett). Sets are refined at the mid-year point and again at the end of Year 7.

Using Quality Information and Tracking Data

Setting takes place in more subject areas in Years 8 and 9 so any changes beyond Year 7 are based on sound data. This comes from our management information system (SIMS) which takes proper account of prior learning and ensures that we are measuring attainment and potential and not making judgements on behaviour or gender.