To help every Rossett student achieve their potential by establishing a positive alliance of parents and teachers, increase parent teacher involvement and develop a tangile parent teacher partnership

The Rossett School PTA

Rossett has an active PTA who support the school at numerous events throughout the school year as well as holding their own fundraising events such as the annual Quiz Night.

The PTA raises money to improve the facilities for every child at Rossett and in recent years have allocated funds for:

These extra items have enhanced the work of the teachers whilst benefiting the students within the school.

There is more to do as the drive to improve the quality of your child’s experience at Rossett increases every year and we urge all parents to become active supporters of the PTA in a variety of ways such as:

Please remember to check the PTA’s own website regularly to keep up up-to-date with dates of meetings and any events taking place: http:/

All parents are welcome to attend the PTA meetings.