The Red Kite Teaching School Alliance

Rossett School is a member of the Red Kite Teaching School Alliance.  This is a partnership of Yorkshire schools and institutions across all phases (primary, secondary and special, from inner city locations to rural contexts) that have come together to share skills, experience, talent and capacity to improve the learning and achievement of young people across Yorkshire and the Humber.

This will be achieved through pursuing excellence in teaching and learning by offering training, support, research and development that is “by schools for schools”. We firmly believe that we are ‘stronger together’ and that partnership and collaboration between practicing teachers in different schools is the only way to continually develop and improve teaching and learning for the benefit of students, parents and the communities in which we work.

School to School support

We can provide schools in need of support with a task force of leaders, teachers and school practitioners, who are experts in their respective fields and qualified to support others to improve teaching, learning and outcomes.

Teacher Training

Red Kite is a partnership of schools, across all phases, Primary, Secondary and Special, from inner city locations to rural contexts, based around Leeds and Harrogate and extending into North Yorkshire. Drawing on our long experience of working closely together, we have created an excellent school-based Initial Teacher Training programme which is tailored to individual needs and aspirations.

Whether you are a new graduate, about to graduate or you are considering a change of career, our courses will give you the foundation you need for a great career in teaching.

We offer bespoke Primary and Secondary Initial Teacher Training courses across a wide range of subjects and ages.


To find out more visit, email or call us on 01423 535640